As I have looked around on the Wix Velo forum regarding this topic, I realized that this feature has been requested by many Wix users and is currently in development. Meanwhile, there is a workaround that may allow you to upload multiple images while waiting for the feature release.

A temporary solution for multiple uploads at once on Wix

There are a few big steps in this solution:

  • Write Frontend code for the custom element for multiple uploads

Before you continue reading:

  • Turn on Dev Mode, you will see 3 sections in the file panel on the left: Public, Backend, and Packages.

Don’t talk about your projects, tell your stories instead.

I read this article a few days ago and wished that I could tell myself of more than a year ago what I am about to tell right now. Back then, I was hopelessly applying for jobs and got a few interviews. However, I failed all because of one mistake: I was not able to talk about my projects.

I brought this up because I have been helping a few friends who are currently seeking opportunities in tech. Many of them could not elaborate on the projects listed on their resumes…

Phuoc Do

Incoming Software Engineer @Facebook — Music and Technology

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